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School Lighting System
Installation & Retrofitting

Shiffler Lighting Solutions understands the impact that educational lighting can have on students’ classroom learning experience, and we aim to improve school lighting across the nation. We provide a full line of premium LED lighting solutions for schools and educational facilities to completely retrofit their school’s lighting system. We will completely replace and enhance your existing lighting layout with a fresh design created by our team. Not only will you save money over time by retrofitting your school’s lighting, but your students will also enjoy an improved learning space with more natural-looking light.

Get the most out of your investment with smart lighting and controls. LED, also known as Solid State Lighting, doesn’t have any filaments to break so turning lights on and off throughout the day does not negatively affect their life expectancy. Using Occupancy sensors or time clocks can help save even more energy. Adding dimming controls allows teachers to set the right lighting for any day.  

Our comprehensive retrofit process includes everything from full investment-grade audits to professional installation by certified electricians. If you want to retrofit your facility with cost-effective LED lighting for schools, you can trust that Shiffler Lighting Solutions is your partner for a successful project. Call us today for a free lighting consultation at (888) 547-1539.

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