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What Type of Lighting Should Be Used in School Settings

What Type of Lighting Should Be Used in School Settings

Proper lighting can be crucial in indoor spaces, as it helps make tasks more accessible and improves people's emotional and mental well-being. There is virtually no better example of the effects of the right lighting than in schools. Having brightly lit classrooms can help increase students' focus, relieve stress and anxiety, reduce eye strain, and make it easier to see whiteboards and other critical learning materials. Read on to learn what type of lighting should be used in school settings.

Common Issues With Lighting in Schools Today

Many schools today use fluorescent lights and fixtures for their lighting systems. Unfortunately, these types of lights can cause many issues among students. Fluorescent lighting provides light in a restricted range of the color spectrum. This limited color spectrum can significantly affect moods, perceptions, hormone balance, and even sleep cycles. Fluorescent bulbs can also commonly flicker, causing distractions and potentially leading to eye strain and headaches. Whenever possible, you should replace fluorescent bulbs with better-performing alternatives.

Natural Lighting

The roles of bright light during the day and darkness at night in establishing and sustaining good sleep cycles cannot be overstated. Whenever possible, you should incorporate natural lighting into your classrooms. Windows can help open the room up and allow the sun’s rays to shine through. Both kids and instructors thrive from natural sunshine on a biological and behavioral basis. Students' well-being and focus can significantly benefit from exposure to sunshine when in the classroom.

LED Lighting

LED lighting can supplement natural lighting and efficiently replace outdated fixtures throughout the school, including hallways, gyms, cafeterias, offices, and more. There are many different benefits to using LED lighting in school settings.

  • Offering different lighting options can emulate blue light, which can help students' circadian rhythms, while calming lights relax students during quieter times.
  • Environmentally friendly designs that help reduce energy costs.
  • LED light installations can reduce the risks of being exposed to carcinogens because they do not carry contaminants.
  • Improvements in focus and memory recall.

When looking for what type of lighting to use in school settings, one of the best solutions is to merge natural lighting with LED lights. If you're ready to make a change to your school lighting systems, Shiffler Lighting Solutions is here to help. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to request a free lighting consultation.

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