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Why Upgrade to LED Lighting?

Save Money

A lighting retrofit is a simple way to make your building’s lighting more energy efficient. Over time, these energy savings can be significant enough to pay for the equipment, and produce a positive return on investment.
Reduced Energy Consumption
Education facilities in the United States that continue to operate with fluorescent or incandescent bulbs spend more money trying to compensate for the heat produced by these outdated lights than they do on the lights themselves. By upgrading to LED lights, the savings generated by these avoided expenses can be relegated toward other parts of your facility that require more attention.
Yearly Savings
Schools that choose to install LEDs won’t just see increased academic performance — they’ll also enjoy decreased energy bills. Unlike fluorescent lights, LEDs are free of mercury and completely recyclable, which make them the most environmentally friendly lighting option. LEDs consume less energy than any other type of lighting available on the market, meaning that your energy and maintenance costs will be substantially reduced.
Utility Rebate & Incentives
State and Utility rebates are a great way to help lower initial project cost. Some rebates pay a % or fixed amount of the project, others offer Tax rebates for the future. Shiffler will help you find, and file, to make sure no money is left behind.

For the latest information, please click Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency.
Quick ROI
An educational facility’s payback period is usually one to three years. Over the course of an LED bulb’s lifespan, savings can reach millions of dollars, which help educational facilities and school districts better adapt to their budgetary constraints.

4 Proven Ways to Reduce Your Energy Costs

On average, schools have saved over $75k when retrofitting their facility with LED lighting. Learn how to unlock savings for your facility today.
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