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LED Lighting For Classrooms

Shiffler Lighting Solutions specializes in completely retrofitting lighting systems for schools and other educational facilities. Fully utilizing LED lighting in classrooms is a simple way to make a real impact on your building’s energy efficiency & improving student learning. We offer a full line of reliable, premium lighting products that will not only save you thousands on your energy costs each year but will also greatly improve your students’ classroom learning experience.  
LED luminaires offer added benefits like fixture color selection and dimming that allows the teachers and staff to control the lighting environment individually and personalized. This helps students focus during test times and relax when times are stressful.  

When working with us, the process is easy. We will take the lead and determine the best classroom lighting solution for your specific project. Our team can fully handle everything from replacing your classroom lighting fixtures to installing energy-efficient LED bulbs. From the start to the end of a project, we actively get the job done on time and on budget.  

Complete Classroom Lighting Retrofitting

To provide completely custom-tailored lighting solutions for each school we work with, Shiffler Lighting Solutions follows a time-tested process to successfully complete each process. We have years of experience that we put to use every time a client needs innovative classroom lighting solutions.      

1. Lighting Audit: We will perform an investment-grade lighting audit on your school’s existing lighting system using the latest technology and software. Our findings will determine the correct plan of action for your project.    

2. LED Lighting Product Selection: Our experienced lighting specialists will identify and select appropriate LED lighting for your classrooms. We work with many different manufacturers and can provide various lighting products.      

3. Lighting Design: Using the information gathered during your school’s lighting audit, our designer will create a specialized solution that meets your school’s unique needs. We follow all the industry-standard guidelines and codes necessary to achieve the most optimal lighting.      

4. Installation: Whether our customers use their own labor force or take advantage of our professional installation services, we’ll make sure your classroom light fixtures and systems are successfully replaced with up-to-date technology.

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