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Why Upgrade to LED Lighting?

Enhance the Learning Environment

One of the most important benefits of installing LED lights in classrooms is the improved academic performance of students. Several studies have found that LED lights can be tuned to imitate natural light, which is known to improve concentration and boost a student’s learning ability.
Boost Cognitive Skills
LED lights can be switched on to emphasize white and blue light, which boost productivity and concentration. Younger students, in particular, tend to have difficulty concentrating in the early morning. LED lighting can help shift their natural biological rhythms to overcome the tiredness they experience early in the morning and jump start their day!
Lower Students’ Rates of Error
LED lighting has been proven to lower students' rates of error. Studies have shown that  students reduced their errors by up to 45%.
Improve Reading Speed & Concentration
LED lighting greatly improves reading speed & concentration. Studies have shown that students increased their reading speed by up to 35%.
Reduced Hyperactivity
Color temperature has also been shown to play an important role in students’ health/performance. Studies show that cool color temperatures can improve the behavior of students with learning disadvantages or hyperactivity disorder. This cool light color allows them to concentrate on projects and tasks more effectively. Hyperactivity is related to stress conditions, which can be aggravated by the radiation produced by the fluorescent lights. When exposure to this radiation is decreased, performance and behavior improve.

4 Proven Ways to Reduce Your Energy Costs

On average, schools have saved over $75k when retrofitting their facility with LED lighting. Learn how to unlock savings for your facility today.
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