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LED Lighting For Gymnasiums

Give the students at your school an improved environment for playing and exercise. Shiffler Lighting Solutions specializes in gymnasium lighting design for schools and educational facilities. We offer a full line of reliable, premium lighting products that will both save you thousands on your energy costs each year and allow your students to thrive in light that is more like natural light than traditional fluorescent lights.  

Many gyms are multi-purpose spaces and LED lighting can help transform that one room for any occasion. Using controls and smart lighting technology allows you to create scenes pre-programmed for practice, games or prom. Or adjust lighting instantly for an impromptu dance session or indoor recess. With LED smart lighting the options are limitless.  

Working with Shiffler Lighting Solutions is easy! Our team is knowledgeable and dedicated to providing you with the perfect gymnasium LED light fixtures to suit you and your student’s needs. We handle everything from the first lighting audit to the final project installation. We always get your project done the way you need it to be done.

Complete School Gymnasium Lighting Retrofitting

Each project undertaken by our team follows the same time-tested process that has proven successful for our team over the years. We always put our decades of experience to good use when retrofitting school gym lighting.  

1. Lighting Audit: To gather the information necessary to guide the project, we will perform a complete lighting audit of your school’s gymnasium. We use the latest technology and software to give our auditors a complete picture of your lighting system.    

2. LED Lighting Product Selection: Choosing the right LED light fixtures for your gymnasium is done by one of our experienced lighting specialists. They will study and identify the proper products for your project.    

3. Gymnasium Lighting Design: Using the information collected during the lighting audit, our designer will create a tailored design plan for your gymnasium. We follow all the industry-standard guidelines and codes necessary to achieve the most optimal lighting.      

4. Installation: We provide professional installation services for each of our school gym lighting projects. If you don’t have access to your own labor, contact us today, and we’ll make sure your project is installed on time and on budget.

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