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Practical Ways To Make Your School More Sustainable

Practical Ways To Make Your School More Sustainable

The impact of people on the environment is becoming more apparent each day as news begins to cycle in. It’s crucial that kids learn sustainable practices that lead to a bright and greener future. Here are some practical ways to make your school more sustainable that will help students and faculty alike.

Teach Eco-Friendly Practices

Craft lesson plans and hold assemblies where you can teach kids essential, earth-friendly practices such as recycling, eliminating waste, composting, and more green applications. Teach students the importance of depositing their food waste from the cafeteria into particular composting bins. Install recycling bins throughout the school. The more students learn and practice sustainable activities at school, the more likely they are to stick with those behaviors throughout their lives.

Use Green Cleaning Products

The chemicals in many standard cleaning products can be harmful to both the environment and students’ health. Switching to more natural and environmentally friendly cleaning products can have a wide range of benefits, such as reducing or eliminating carcinogens entering the air, increase cognitive abilities, and help the planet stay green. Look for EPA-certified third-party products that are proven to use only natural, effective ingredients.

Keep Plants Indoors

Adding some greenery into your classrooms and hallways not only brightens up the room but can also have health and wellness benefits. Indoor plants can clean the air around them, which helps reduce sickness in students. Having plants indoors can also boost concentration and reduce stress. Plants such as spider plants, snake plants, the Golden Pothos, and Chinese evergreen are easy to maintain and don’t require much sunlight. You can get students involved by teaching them to regularly water, clean, and pot the plants.

Switch To LED Lighting

Outdated lighting such as compact fluorescent light fixtures found in many older schools and classrooms contain harmful environmental chemicals. In contrast, LED lighting contains no harmful contaminants and is environmentally friendly. Switching to LED lighting in gyms, hallways, and classrooms also improves focus, significantly reduces eye strain, and makes for a much more productive learning environment.

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