At Shiffler Lighting Solutions we offer the most innovative, energy efficient lighting products available in the market. Without ties to any one vendor we have relationships with all the top manufacturers in the lighting industry.

Thanks to our parent company Shiffler Equipment Sales, Inc. we have been working with all the top manufacturers in the facility maintenance field for over 40 years. Selecting and adding credible lighting manufacturers comes natural to our team. The combined buying power allows us to offer our clients rock bottom prices for high end LED lighting products.

We know that LED lighting is not just a buzzword; it’s the lighting of tomorrow. With extremely long life expectancy and increasingly higher reliability solid state lighting is a viable solution for any lighting retrofit. We are passionate about LED and the energy savings potential they present and are confident that you will feel the same. Seeing is believing so make sure to talk to us about sample installations.

Capture these key benefits when you convert your classroom lighting to LED technology:

  • An increase in student engagement 
  • A safer and more efficient and eco-friendly learning environment
  • Reduce eye strain and to enhance learning by generating light that is less harsh and closer to natural lighting conditions. 
  • Less excess heat than other light sources reduces the strain on a school’s aging cooling systems
  • Deliver the same level of light for more than 50% less than the operating energy cost of traditional fluorescent school lights

Here’s some information on how to clean up after a compact or linear fluorescent lamp breaks: Cleaning broken fluorescent lamps